Sandi Horwitz
SANDI HORWITZ was thrilled to have created the role of Locasta, the Good
Witch of the North in CLOC’s world-premiere musical version of
The Wonderful
Wizard of Oz
.  With other groups, favourites include Annie Get Your Gun (Annie
The Most Happy Fella (Ciccia), Anne of Green Gables (Mrs. Pye),
Mame (Mrs. Upson), and The Music Man (Mrs. Squires), among many. A retired
Music teacher, Sandi is also in charge of CLOC’s Publicity Department.  
CLOC roles:
Annie Get Your Gun/Call Me Madam (1998) Annie/Duchess
Scrooge! (1999) Ensemble
Damn Yankees (1999) Gloria Thorpe
State Fair (2000) Melissa Frake
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (2000 & 2002) Locasta
Something’s Afoot (2001) Lettie
Oliver! (2001) Mrs. Sowerberry
On the Town (2003) Little Old Lady
Allegro (2004) Mrs. Lansdale
Gypsy (2004) Mazeppa
Titanic (2006) Edith Corse Evans
Jerry's Girls (2007) Jerry's Girl
Here's Love (2007) Nurse Sims
Scrooge! - The Musical (2008) Cynthia
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (2010) Locasta
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (2017) Locasta