Olivia Stupka
OLIVIA STUPKA loves school, especially science, along with singing, drama
and dance.  She is studying piano and takes singing lessons at the
Conservatory of Ontario.  Olivia is very pleased to have appeared in 6 CLOC
CLOC roles:
I Remember Mama (2006) Dagmar
Show Boat (2007) Kim (as a child)
Here's Love (2007) Hendrika
Scrooge! - The Musical (2008) Belinda Cratchit
It's A Wonderful Life (2009) Janie
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (2010) Dorothy
Carousel (2011) Louise
The Sound Of Music (2012) Louisa
The Music Man (2014) Zaneeta Shinn
Hello, Dolly! (2014) Minnie Fay