Oct 27 to Nov 12, 2005
Theatre review by Mark Andrew Lawrence


“Nobody’s perfect” sing the central characters, Michael and Agnes, near the end of the first act of the 1966 Tom Jones-Harvey
Schmidt musical
I Do! I Do!  While that is true, you would be hard-pressed to find a more perfect little jewel of a show than this
musical adaptation of Jan de Hartog’s play
The Fourposter. It is an exquisite piece, touching on so many universal truths as it
explores the ups and downs of married life.  

To work on stage the musical requires two dynamite performers whose strengths compliment the other’s, each able to hold the
stage for an entire performance while portraying believable and sympathetic characters – not to mention being able to sing and
dance well!

All of these bases are covered and then some in The Civic Light Opera Company’s production at Fairview Library theatre where
Joe Cascone is Michael and Caroline Moro-Dalicandro is Agnes.  When they duet on the show’s hit song “My Cup Runneth
Over” you believe there is genuine love there.

Cascone imbues the character of Michael with a compelling mixture of humour, frustration, and devotion. His wedding night
song and dance “I Love My Wife” is a delight.  The character of Michael may not always be the most sympathetic, but
Cascone's innate charm overrides many of Michael’s flaws and you see right away why Agnes loves him.

As Agnes,
Caroline Moro-Dalicandro gets plenty of opportunity to show off her beautiful voice. She can be tentative in
“Goodnight,” testy in “Nobody’s perfect” (her delivery of the line “You chew in your sleep” is priceless!) and touchingly
vulnerable in “What is a woman.”  She delights in needling her on-stage husband with wonderful bits of business and even plays
the violin (to hilarious results) in one number.

The pair is given admirable musical support by pianists
Liane Fainsinger and Michael Wilmot who do just that: support the
performers without ever overpowering them.

Gareth Crew’s lighting design effectively underscores the mood of each scene and helps mark the passage of time.  The entire
performance as staged by
Larry Westlake flows beautifully from scene to song. I Do! I Do! may not be as well known as some
of the other musicals of the late 1960s, but it is one of those special little shows that theatre buffs cherish and here’s your chance
to discover why.
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Joe Cascone and Caroline Moro-Dalicandro