September 12 to September 22, 2012

Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In, this hilarious, rave-winning
off-Broadway musical comedy is about The History of
Civilization from The Dawn of Time to Modern Day – and
of two bizarrely ill-matched, overly-ambitious producers’
zany attempt to stage it all as an $83 million Broadway
“A ‘bang’ up send-up!” – New York Daily News
“Very amusing!” – The New York Times
“Inventively staged eye-rolling comedy!” – Time Out
Joe Cascone (left)
David Haines (right)
called The Big Bang, and if you are looking for laughs this is the show to see

The plot concerns two musical theatre writers – Jed and Boyd – who are holding a backer’s audition to raise the $83.5 million needed to
stage a 12-hour mega musical that will tell the entire history of the world.

For nearly two madcap hours these two guys perform “highlights” from their show playing all the roles - male and female - and
improvising props and costumes from whatever is handy. It all takes place in a beautiful Park Avenue apartment set (constructed by
David Haines) that is virtually destroyed by the end of the performance. Some of the sight gags are side splittingly hilarious. Opening
night roars of laughter ripped through the theatre leaving the audience breathlessly exhilarated.

Joe Cascone and David Haines portray the two hapless authors, desperately trying to convince us to invest in their bizarrely conceived
spectacle. Playing everything from Adam and Eve to Julius Caesar, Christopher Columbus, Pocahontas, Napoleon, Josephine, Jimi
Hendrix and Bob Dylan all they need is one of
Sheila Lacasse’s brilliantly inventive costumes and they’re off on another madcap musical

They are accompanied by
Susan Sanders as an especially dour pianist (and occasional gong-striker) who can generate her own share of
laughs without any lines; just some hysterical withering glances.

Cascone and Haines play deliciously off each other as a pair of quirky writers, singing and dancing (the witty choreography is by Lesley
Ansell) with their routines honed to near perfection. Gareth Crew designed the lighting that subtly enhances the action. The show is
directed by
Joe Cascone, though program credit is also given to Julie Lennick as an assistant director who keeps everything in check.
No matter who does what, it is a seamless production where even if something goes wrong it all seems like part of the act

playing on Broadway is a $65 million debacle based on the Spider-man comic books.
The Big Bang at Fairview Library Theatre delivers
more bang for your buck.
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